The invisible as the main actor. Graphically animated or photo-realistic animations make the invisible visible and seemingly complex things plausible. Impressively simple and unbelievably beautiful. Did you know that ¾ of all IKEA catalog pictures are not photos but 3D renderings?


Inspiring perspectives for lasting impressions: Hardly a building project is today realized without 3D visualization. We have specialized in photo-realistic high-end visualizations designed for extraordinary presentations on the basis of your CAD files or technical drawings. They are output as single picture, rendered film or 3D PDF. In particular the combination with real landscapes from drone flights makes inspiring perspectives for lasting impressions feasible.


More details, more definition, more effect: 3D renderings are simply better: Staged with more definition, richer in detail, of manifold use and with little effort in the most varied ambient. Not only IKEA uses 3D, but also the car advertisement shows hardly a really photographed car any more. We show you possibilities to stage your product profitably, too.


Make your expert knowledge visible and comprehensive: A commonly understood illustration of research and development is unthinkable without 3D. Present your product processes, interior life of machines, functions of complex apparatus (or the like) for illustrative presentation at your customers’ or investors’ – have persons from other branches participate in your expert knowledge.


Modern and optically attractive health-care marketing: For medicine and medicine technology, the illustrative presentation for expert public and patients as final consumers are equally important. Convince the decision makers with comprehensive illustrations and a focus on the peculiarities of your development. Our offer reaches from a model-like visualization of pharmacological effects up to a photo-realistic product presentation.
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