Do you recognize trends or do you follow them?
In 2015, videos made up for 60% of the entire internet traffic. The forecast for 2018: almost 90%. You being on this website shows that you are not amongst the last 10%. The question is: When do you start and how? We will gladly consult you!


Each video is only as good as it fits you.
The possibilities of video and 3D are huge and new possibilities and ideas are permanently developing to use videos in company communication in new ways. We will advise you as to the video you need and how to optimally market it to reach your aim.


You have a dream and we make it possible.
If you want to reach your goal safely and in due time, a good conceptualization is as important as the route when traveling. We take over all preparatory works such as clip idea, storyboard and scheduling, individually tailored to your project, to your destination without any detours.


Know how and own high-end equipment.

We optimally adapt to every production with our camera teams. We have modern and professional high-end equipment such as slow-motion camera, 4K cameras, quadrocopters, mini-crane, slider, fly-cam and experienced personnel. Since a brush can only paint as good as the artist that holds it.


Digital cutting and sound technique
Solidly produced material is the basis for any good clip. Modern and contemporary post-production generates the wow effect and the sparkling icing on the cake of production: Cutting technique, special effects, graphic animation, 3D animation, 3D models as well as audio and sound processing in studio quality.


With tailwind to your aim
The large finale of a film production is the premiere on the correct media channel: Depending on the objective, these may be social media, cinema, TV, DVD, mobile consumer devices or USB sticks.
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