Modern technology and an experienced team: We have an experienced team of professionals: Recording management, direction, camera and assistants. Technically, we mirror the modern range of shooting technologies such as slow motion, crane, fly-cam, quadrocopter, slider etc.. We produce our clips in a resolution of up to 4 K.


Tracking shoots and perspectives that you have dreamed of: The great situation, the great range, the many visitors: Much of what you wish to show your customers can best be shown from a bird’s eye perspective. We have the newest drones and flight experience for high-resolution photos or videos in 4 K.


Landscape, architecture, portrait – We create atmosphere: Many applications do not call for moved images. Our particular feeling for a good story and matching locations is thus also used for classic photography: Not in the studio, but outdoor, or at extraordinary locations.


Time-lapse shoots with and without moving camera: Classic time-lapse shoots will impress by moved elements such as passing clouds, cars, people etc. In a hyper-lapse, the camera itself will move as well. This yields a breath-taking perspective and depth in the video clip.


The invisible as the main actor: Graphically animated or photo-realistic – animations make the invisible visible and make complicated things plausible. Impressively simple and unbelievably beautiful.

360° VIDEO

Interactive experience: Explore remote locations and move there as in the real world: 360° video makes it possible. We use the latest technology for the production of breathtaking videos – the future of digital presentation, supported by Facebook, YouTube and others.

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